Our Mission Statement:
We are a charity devoted to meeting the spiritual, physical, and social needs of children living in poverty,
believing that whatever we do for the least of these little ones, it is as if we do it for Him.

100% of the money donated is sent to Kenya. The board members pay for all expenses of the organization out of our personal funds.

God's Little Ones has relationships with pastors in Kenya who are making a difference in the lives of these desperate children. As one pastor, Pastor Benard Ondiek says, “I want to save my community that is desperate, dying, and without hope.”

Well behaved, undernourished, starved for attention, sweet, respectful, never had a toy . . . The children walk from the surrounding area down dirt paths in the brush to get to the orphan school. They live in huts made out of mud and anything that can be found. There are dirt floors, no electricity and no running water. Some of them have lost both their parents to AIDS and they are living with a relative or someone who will take them in. We know this firsthand. We have been there.

You may think that there are a lot of aid organizations that are helping, so why worry? The answer: After being there, we realized it doesn't matter how many aid agencies there are. There will never be enough help. The problem is overwhelming, but we can still make a difference in the lives that are brought to our attention.

Be sure to check out our blog at Latest News, and also Orphan Letters, which contains very moving letters we received from the orphans.